Wednesday, March 11, 2009


PAZAHORA band asal kota singa ni start tahun 2004 dan suda merilis dua split sama KAH ROE SHI dan CRUX..ini ada sedikit info pasal durang,diambil dari maximum rock and roll..
[[PAZAHORA from Singapore can be describe as really heavy peace punk in the crust vein.Melody-saturated guitar-work abounds and it completely works.This is both listenable and would be fitting it at any sort of raging chaos party because it jams.They lyrics are bleak and define the anti-capitalist minority of the opposition that few still have enough hope to champion. PAZAHORA can be likened to REMAINS OF THE DAY,WITCH HUNT and maybe DISABLE from poland at times.OK, it also reminds me of TO WHAT END?, which is not a bad thing by any means.Really driving and epic and i like the fact that they have multiple singers that have distinct vocals that work together well. (WK) Maximum rock n roll 287 april 2007.]]

01 - Intro
02 - Bullshit Generators
03 - Dogs Of War
04 - No Peaceful Solution
05 - Nightmare
06 - Fallen Society
07 - Human Error
08 - Profits Of Doom

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  1. Sir I would Like to request for Crux/Pazahora Split Cd. Thanks.

  2. thanx..bole sda aku singalong dgn Pazahora ari tu sbb ko upload lagunya hehe